Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Ageism has no role in France claims Kristin

The 50-year-old beauty, who has long lived in Paris, believes film- makers in France have a far healthier attitude to older actresses. Kristin, who appears in French movie Leaving, says: “I think it’s because England tends to follow America so strongly or they’re making films for children – and when I say ­children I mean anyone under 25.

“I’m really getting evil in my old age! French cinema is not afraid of women of my age. I think it’s less terrified of disobeying the rules of what is beaut­iful and what is acceptable to look at.”

The actress, whose film credits to date memorably include The English Patient and Four Weddings And A Funeral, is required to bare all in her latest flick, which focuses on a woman’s struggle to escape her unhappy domestic life.

“Obviously I haven’t done scenes like that for a very, very, very long time and I don’t think I’ll be doing them again any time soon!” she tells Easy Living magazine, before modestly insisting that her well-toned appearance was courtesy of “good lighting”.

She adds: “In fact, strangely, I feel much more confident about my appearance now, even with wrinkles on my face, than I did when I was 25. Which is bizarre isn’t it?

“If one could preserve ­oneself at 45 then I think that would probably be ideal – but you can’t.

“Unfortunately lots of women try to do just that and that’s where they come a cropper because it doesn’t really work does it?”

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