Friday, 28 January 2011

Forestry sell off

Wise Owls like you are upset about the idea of the government selling off our forests. We have decided to ask the Department for Environment Food And Rural Affairs that we know you would like answers to. We have asked them for a repsonse which we will post here.

1) Why in the consultation paper is there no option for anyone to say they oppose the sell off?
2) Is this because you know the majority of people will be opposed to the sell off?
3) This misleads the public into thinking they have a say in whether the forest will be sold or not, when they don’t have that choice. Do you agree?
4) This will be considered by many to be undemocratic. Do you agree?
5) Does Caroline Spelman understand that the public are aware of the ommission and will see this as a further errosion of trust in the way politicians work?
6) Have Defra been presenting the option of the sales of forests to any private companies already?

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